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Reproduce of Earth



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New energy that does not impose a burden on the global environment has been longing for all over the world for a long time.   From 2016 to 2017, the world is about to change dramatically. One of them is that the energy of the world based on fossil fuels up to now is already old.


What`s New

This web page is newly opened on 1st September, 2016, celebrating Eneco Holings Inc., success to the step foward Reproduce of Earth by utilizing the god hand technology Emulsion Fuel and Plasma R Hydrogen Gas, based on the WATER available resource at anywhere, anyplace, in our earth. 

Eneco Holdings Inc., will participate COP22 Marrakech, Morocco.


What is Emulsion Fuel?  Fuel for the New Generation

The risk of fuel drying up is a serious issue in the world. Therefore, people should pay more attention to the emulsion fuel called “Water down fuel”. This is emulsion fuel mixed with water and oil such as heavy oil, coal oil or light oil.

An article of G20 is follows, please click the picture, you can jump into G20 pages.


More detail information, please visit G20 web site.


Purpose of The Web Site

The reason why this web page was built, that it is because of the miracle(s) have been realized and come to truth into the real world, which we live.  The background is to be investigated, and the possible information shall be disclosed as much as possible based on the monitored done by one of the VanaH Agent by Okachan.

The VanaH Agent has a right to sell VanaH Water.  The VanaH Agent Right can be brought by purchasing 1.3 million yen after submitting an application to VanaH Co., Ltd.  Okachan (administrator of this web site) has become the VanaH Agent in 2012.

All information shall be opened how to realize those miracles obtained through the frequently visiting the VanaH business meeting held at Fujiyoshida city.

VanaH Water (Japanese Page)


Eneco Holding Inc.,

Eneco Holding Inc., is the company re-named from VanaH World Water International in 2015, focusing into Energy Technology i.e., Fuel, GAS, Electrical Power Supply, located in the Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan.   The location is climbing base to the Mt. Fuji.


eneco holdings inc


Eneco Holding Inc., was originated from the Mineral Water supply company of VanaH co., ltd. wherefore the technical method has come from the water.



Eneco Holdings - Four Core Business Stratey

According to Mr. Hisao Ishiyama, Oner of company, Eneco Holdings has a clear objectives with four core business.  All the business fields will re-produce of Earth, environment improvement.



Hydrogen Silica Natural Water VanaH is the unique geological structure of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is made up of seven basalt layers created by repeated eruptions. Rain and snow that fall on the majestic Fuji slowly penetrate through those basalt layers,

  Emulsion Fuel Oil

Eneco attains Water/Oil Fusion for first time via Plasma Fusion Fuel Refiner.  Eneco`s emulsion technology, has now succeeded in mixing LSA heavy oil with tap water at a ratio of 50:50 with the use of the next-generation Eneco Plasma Fusion fuel refiner.


Eneco Produces Oxyhydrogen Gas & Pure Hydrogen Gas with Water & Self-developed Medium.  Eneco has now succeeded in applying the water-modifying reaction technology as Eneco Plasma R Hydrogen Gas that can be changed into normal LPG gas with a next-generation ecological gas device.

  Power Supply

Since TEPCO : Nuclear Power Station Fukuichi explosion in 2011, an alternative power supply is a must
requirements. Eneco has got Power producers license from Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Eneco will provide power supply without conventional power line.


NASA Investigation

Over the United States of NASA engineers group several times, visit the Eneco Holdings Inc during 2015 to 2016, ,Emulsion fuel technology, why not separate a mix of oil and water?

Emulsion fuel that has been created in the Eneco of technology, it does not absolutely separated.

NASA engineers group investigated several times, It is a survey of to decompose the machine to create an emulsion fuel. However, the investigation has not yet achieved with good result.


Eneco Holding Inc with G20 Summit Meeting

G20 Summit was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. on 4th September 2016. The official book of G20 has covered 4 pages the Eneco Holding Article about Emulsion Fuel.

What is Emulsion Fuel? - Fuel for the New Generation.



Water x oil = New energy source

50% reduction in CO2 emission, using energy generated from water!

Please click for more detail and read the article.


What is Emulsion Fuel?

Fuel for the New Generation

Please click for more detail and read the article.


Eneco Holdings with COP22  cop22

According to the Press Release, Eneco Holdings Inc., on 16th September, 2016, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, President of Eneco Holdings Inc., will participate in this year’s COP22 & SiGEF 2016 (Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum) to be held on November 9th.

During the forum they will hold a keynote speech on equipment used in the production of diesel oil and gas, based on emulsion and gas refining technologies that they have independently developed, as well as make a global announcement about opening sal.



cop22 eneco holdings


The entry of Eneco Holdings, Inc. will mark the first time that a private Japanese company has joined the forum.

Eneco Holdings, Inc. will also be joining future campaigns as a founding SiGEF partner to promote awareness of global temperature preservation.




Mount Fuji, Spiritual Symbol of Japan

The location of VanaH and Eneco Holdings inc is Fujisyoshida city, Yamanashi, Japan, where the Mount Fuji climbing base.

Mt. Fuji is sacred to the Shinto goddess Konohanasakuya-Hime, whose shrine is found at the summit.  It is the holiest of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains."   Every summer, thousands of pilgrims and tourists climb to the summit, many of them hiking throughout the night to witness the sunrise from the summit.


Fuji Sengen Shrine (Fujinomiya)


North Gate Main Sengen Shrine (Fujinomiya)

Above picture is the North Climb Gate to Mt. Fuji, where the many pilgrims wearing white cloth with special hat towards to the top of Mt. Fuji.


Goddess Konohanasakuya-Hime,


The goddess Konohanasakuya-Hime is beautiful lady. It is important that goddess is the main key opening to the next 1611 years of earth according to the the law of Gaia written by Kazuki Chiga. 


Arayayama Jinjya - Eneco Holdings Same Area

Very close location from Eneco Holdings Inc., (VanaH Fountain - Water Wells), there is Shrine relationship to the Economic Fortune, you will become very lucky person for the money namely [Arayayama Jinjya].


Arayayama Jinjya Okumiya (1700 M of Mt. Fuji)


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